Atomic emission spectrometry equipment
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Frequently asked questions
What literature on spectral analysis is necessary to study to work with MAES?

Any specialized literature fits good because analysis principles are the same for MAES, photographic plates and PMT. 

In 2010 the "Research and Monitoring" journal has published an article of prof. Pupysheva A.A. with an overview of modern books on the theory, equipment and application practice of atomic spectral analysis methods.

We are a state owned enterprise...

All equipment in this case is acquired through public auction: the auction or competition. We are ready to participate and are not afraid of competition.

We are looking for an equipment update but are afraid to "ruin" the analysis process...

Most likely your analytical task has already been solved in other laboratories using a MAES analyser and we are aware of best practices to do it. For your complete confidence we can provide an equipment for the test in actual operating conditions to confirm its quality.

How much does MAES analyser costs?

The cost depends on many factors. To accurately calculate the cost please direct us a request with description of your analytical tasks and the type of equipment you use or you plan to use.

Is it possible to pay by instalments over the course of a year?

We are ready to meet the customers needs and are always consider different options for cooperation.

What is the difference between MAES analyser and other spectra registration systems?

Due to the specially designed semiconductor crystals with open photodiodes we have high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and the best signal to noise ratio. ATOM software fully discloses MAES analyser potentsial and allows to solve many analytical tasks.

What is the warranty term for your equipment?

All equipment manufactured by our company comes with a two-year warranty. On agreement it can be increased to three years. By the end of warranty period a maintenance agreement may be contracted to ensure a smooth operation.

What are the options for refresher trainings?
Do you provide initial training along with your spectrometry equipment?

We provide "turnkey" solutions and train your staff to solve laboratory analytical tasks. Always ready to provide over-the-phone support, see Contacts section for details.