Atomic emission spectrometry equipment
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Vacuum optical-emission spectrometers


The spectrometer we produce are coming with MAES analysers in accordance to analytical task.
Systems based on the spectrometers that we produce are a measuring devices for a fractions of total mass of detected elements of substances and materials (№ 33011-06 in Russian state registry of measuring devices).

The delivery set consists of spectrometer with MAES preinstalled in it, stand with arc/spark semiconductor generator, a computer, a table and a chair, printer stand, and some additional equipment as well - probe preparation machine, calibration probe sets for initial setup and routine control, etc.

To eliminate temperature changes, excess light and dust, spectrometers can be equipped with a special protective case. Inside of such case there is a dust-catcher and a noiseless fan, which creates an excessive air pressure and a ventilation of an inside area.

Vacuum spectrometers are designed for rapid analysis of alloys based on iron, copper, aluminum and other metals in industry and research laboratories, including detection of elements with vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) analytical lines (eg, S, P and C in steels).

Technical specifications TU 4434-934-11855928-2012




Amount of measuring channels



Wavelength range, nm

169 ÷ 700

169 ÷ 350

Spectrum resolution with an entrance slit 15 μm, nm

0,014 (0,04)*


Reciprocal linear dispersion, nm/mm

0,4 (1,0)*


Minimal exposition time, ms


Diffraction grating (Concave, grooved):

-  Groove density, lines/mm

-  Grating circle radius, mm

-  Reflection order

- Angle, º

-  Blaze wavelength, nm

-  Grooves area size, mm





28,45 (21,45)*

195 (550)*

40´30  (66´40)*






diameter 60

Dimensions (length*width*height), mm



Weight, kg



* – data for working spectrum range 350 ÷ 700 nm

«Grand-Expert» spectrometer incorporates two polychromators: vaccum and atmnospheric. Vacuum polychromator works in 169-350 nm part of spectrum, which is being registered by the multichip assembly of 14 photodiode arrays. The long-wavelength part of spectrum (360-700 nm) is being registered in vacuum polychromator by the 10 photodiode arrays assembly.

«Favorit» compact spectrometer is a vacuum polychromator with 11 photodiode arrays multichip assemly to register 169‑350 nm spectrun.

Excitation of atomic emission spectrum of metal samples is carried out using the "Sharovaya Molniya-250" generator in the high-purity argon spark stand mounted by the entrance slit of vacuum polychromator. The stand provides water-cooled tungsten electrode holder. Fiber-optic cable is being used to transmit the emitted radiation into the polychromator.

Special microprocessor unit controls vacuum systems and argon supply. It is being triggered by computer commands and autonomously maintain vacuum level, blows a stand while standby and exposure, and performs a pressure measurement of the vacuum housing and the argon flow to stand. For dispensed argon supply a special rate calibrated mass flow argon knob is being used, it provides the spark stand with 0.2 to 3 l/min. Gas feed line is made of sealed copper tube with a minimum joints amount. Computer control allows to set the argon flow for each operation mode type (blowing, burning, exposure, standby), and a variable standby mode timing. 




To eliminate influence of temperature changes, excess light and dust, spectrometers are equipped with a special protective case. Inside of such case there is a dust-catcher and a noiseless fan, which creates an excessive air pressure and a ventilation of an inside area.
Special wheels allows spectrometer to be moved.
Unlike other vacuum spectrometer, Grand vacuum spectrometer is equipped with high-performance low-noise oil-free vacuum pump, which is activated for the period o time only necessary to obtain the desired vacuum level, which ensures comfortable working conditions.
Depending on the task the spectrometer may include additional options: argon cleaning oven, adaptor set for samples, brush, desk for powder samples, computer desk, closed circulation water cooling unit, etc.


    Vacuum spectrometers are equipped with an argon purification device and a metal sample surface preparation tool.