Atomic emission spectrometry equipment
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The Grand-IСP spectrometer


The spectrometer we produce are coming with MAES analysers in accordance to analytical task.
Systems based on the spectrometers that we produce are a measuring devices for a fractions of total mass of detected elements of substances and materials (№ 33011-06 in Russian state registry of measuring devices).

The delivery set consists of spectrometer with MAES preinstalled in it, stand with arc/spark semiconductor generator, a computer, a table and a chair, printer stand, and some additional equipment as well - probe preparation machine, calibration probe sets for initial setup and routine control, etc.

To eliminate temperature changes, excess light and dust, spectrometers can be equipped with a special protective case. Inside of such case there is a dust-catcher and a noiseless fan, which creates an excessive air pressure and a ventilation of an inside area.

The double-view plasma spectrometer allows you to simultaneously register any spectral lines simultaneously with high resolution in the concentration range from fractions of ppb to tens of percent and offers a wide range of options to solve any research tasks.
From drinking water safety to wastewater treatment processes, Grand-IСP spectrometer will help you achieve your water analysis goals.
It is capable of analyzing almost any type of environmental samples - drinking and/or waste water, sedimentary layers of soils and sands.
The analysis of heavy metals content in natural objects such as water, soil, and atmospheric air is an important part of environmental protection measures. The method of atomic emission spectral analysis with inductively coupled plasma is widely used for such environmental monitoring tasks.
The Grand-IСP spectrometer is designed for round-the-clock laboratory studies of the content of elements in various natural objects and for solving the following environmental problems:
- Laboratory analysis of toxic metals in soils and bottom sediments  
- Analysis of heavy metals in natural and waste waters
- Drinking water safety and wastewater treatment processes
Fast activation. Does not require a long warm-up period.
The low consumption of argon.
Easy to use.




Highly stable source of ICP plasma with argon flow rate from 8 l/min. Plasma observation radial, axial, dual (auto-switching). Radial observation is recommended for extending the dynamic range and working with highly mineralized samples and for reducing matrix influences. Axial observation is for determining low values of concentrations.