Atomic emission spectrometry equipment
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«Grand-Expert» atomic emission complex for spectrum analysis


Integral atomic emission spectrum analysis systems with «MAES» analyser are measuring devices for fractions of total mass of detected elements of substances and materials (powders. metals, alloys) in accordance with a documentary standard documents on measurement methods (MM). № 33011-11 in Russian state registry of measuring devices.

Integral solution consists of a MAES analyser, spectrum excitation source and other additional devices.

«Grand-Expert» is designed for 24/7 operation. Its perfrormance is about 15-20 tests per hour, up to 300-500 tests per 24h, taking in account time for graduation control and routine maintenance.




"Grand Expert" is intended for direct atomic emission spectroscopy and rapid determination of the main and impurity composition of metals and alloys, including high-alloy steel, cast iron, nickel-based alloys, copper, aluminum, magnesium and others.