Atomic emission spectrometry equipment
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MAES analyser for scintillation


Spectra registration system – multichannel analyser of atomic-emission spectra (MAES analyser).
This device is a measuring device for the intesity of spectral lines and subsequent concentrations calculation.
It is registered in Russian state registry of measuring devices since 2001.

MAES Analysers for spectra registration with a time resolution of 1 ms

MAES analysers for recording atomic emission spectra with a time resolution of 1 ms are based on highly sensitive photodiodes and a special circuit board for simultaneous reading of several sections of the spectra. Assembly lines are installed on the "Grand" spectrometer.

Spectra excitation sources for powder samples are "Potok" system or «Fakel» twin-jet arc plasmatron.

ATOM software records selected spectral lines and ensure their processing algorithms based on the number and brightness of inflammation (ie, particle size).

Recording of powder samples spectra with a large time resolution allows to assess the number and size of individual particles, their composition to identify and determine the concentration of elements in each particle, promptly evaluate some defined uniform distribution of the elements and extend possibilities of spectral analysis without significant changes in sample preparation.

Main applications:
  • Mass analysis of geological powder samples by scintillation counting to determine gold, silver, platinum group metals, iridium, rhodium, etc. with detection limits of 0.01 gramms per metric tonn;

  • qualitative determination of the composition of inclusions and mineral particles.

full record for spectral line of gold 242,795 nm with time resolution of 1 ms
part of a gold spectrum 242,795 nm with time resolution of 1 ms part of a spectrum at the scintillation moment (gold grain inflammation)

Presented in the illustration gold record for 242.795 nm line contains 14,000 parts of 25 16-bit spectra intensity value on the photodiodes. The total volume of stored information is nearly 1.5 MB for each spectral line.




MAES analyser specially designed for registration of inclusions in metals and mineral particles in powder samples.