Atomic emission spectrometry equipment
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«Potok» Electric arc system for analysis of powder samples using the pour-blowing method


Generators and stands are designed to excite the atomic spectra of samples for qualitative and quantitative atomic-emission spectral analysis of various materials. They are a universal devices that are a part of atomic emission spectral systems along with generators of arc and/or spark discharge.

The unit is designed for excitation of powder samples in an electric arc atomic emission spectral analysis using the pour-blowing method. It provides high performance routine analysis, characterized by low consumption of graphite electrodes and is used in conjunction with any spectral instruments – "Grand", СТЭ-1, ДФС-458, МФС-8, PGS-2, etc.

Main applications:
  • spectral analysis of powder samples of complex composition;
  • mass analysis of geological powder samples;
  • analysis for gold, scimtillation;
  • anaysis of samples in alumina, silicon, ferroalloy production.

The compact monobloc integrates electromechanical components conveying the sample flow and automatic calibration of the electrodes gap, generator up to 40A and a computer communication module.

The system provides highly stable operation. Arc powering system based on a modern semiconductor components, which allows to achieve high efficiency and stabilize the discharge current, regardless of the electrodes condition and the sample flow. The mechanism of the electrode gap calibration  and funnel on the outer casing of the combustion chamber to ensure accuracy of the sample flow and maintaining a distance between electrodes during continuous operation. Fastening of the funnel is arranged in such a manner that its cleaning or replacement does not lead to further alignment relatively to the electrode gap.

Operation modes: AD/DC sparc, interrupted arc and the arc with a step-predetermined polaririty.

Technical support

Maximum consumption power, W


Pulse frequency, Hz

1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 400, 625, 833, 1000

Arc current operating range, A

5 ÷ 40

Energy conversion efficiency (at 800W, active load 2Ω), %


Current stability, %


Electrodes material

graphite, copper

Electrodes dimensions, mm:

-  diameter

-  length



50 ÷ 200

Performance, samples per hour

60 ÷ 90

Sample feed conveyor, mg/s

1 ÷ 20

Sample flow path purification degree, %

99,5 ÷ 99,9

Type of control


Power supply

monophase, 220V, 50Hz

Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg






    The set includes a ventilation stabilizer, oil-free compressor to generate compressed air, set of operating supplies for use throughout one year.

    When delivered as a component of "Grand Potok" is equipped with a table for working with powder samples and a reference materials according to the analytical task requirements.