Atomic emission spectrometry equipment
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        Spectral-analytical equipment since 1991.

        The spectra registration is being carried out by using proprietary multi-element arrays of photodetectors and hybrid assemblies based on them. MAES analysers are used in domestic and foreign spectral-analytical laboratories to replace or modernize photographic plates and photomultipliers, as well as to create new spectrometers of own production.

        Our spectral equipment includes "ATOM" - a modern and constantly improved software, which is being an intellectual component of a registration system provides the most powerful application of mathematical methods of information processing and the use of relevant databases for analytical tasks.

        VMK-Optoelektronika delivers individual parts of a spectral equipment for modernization purposes and a turnkey spectral solutions, including delivery, installation, deploying and commissioning, personnel training, warranty service. We provide service and metrological support throughout the equipment life span. 

        Over a thousand spectral analysis instruments including more than five hundred systems of registration of the spectra produced by VMK-Optoelektronika already used in analytical laboratories, research institutes, government agencies and commercial enterprises of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.
        All equipment certified and has a declarations of conformity. 
        MAES analysers are a means of measuring of the intensities of the spectral lines with the subsequent calculation of the concentration of elements determined (№ 33011-11 in Russian state registry of measuring devices).
        Integral atomic emission spectrum analysis systems with «MAES» analysers are a measuring devices for a fractions of total mass of detected elements of substances and materials (№ 33011-11 in Russian state registry of measuring devices).