Atomic emission spectrometry equipment
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«Fakel» twin-jet arc plasmatron


Generators and stands are designed to excite the atomic spectra of samples for qualitative and quantitative atomic-emission spectral analysis of various materials. They are a universal devices that are a part of atomic emission spectral systems along with generators of arc and/or spark discharge.

The plasmatron is designed for direct atomic-emission spectral analysis of powder samples. Excitation of atoms occurs in an argon arc DC plasma. Soft matrix effect and low detection limits allows the use of this excitation source for the analysis of various samples with both mineral and organic matrix.

"Fakel" consists of a block of the plasma heads, power supply systems, sample entry, gas management and cooling. Plasma heads unit provides heads alignment throughout the unit and merges jets relative to the optical axis of the spectrometer. All adjustment are available during the operation. Design of the heads is patented.

Power system provides the ignition of the arc discharge, regulated and stabilized of the arc current. The systems feature is that the energy conversion and pulse width stabilization of arc occurs is performed at frequency of 25 kHz using modern solid state components. It makes possible to reduce noise and weight and overall dimensions, to increase efficiency up to 93% and to provide high level of current stabilization. Automatic sample entry system provides the flow of the powder to argon plasma analytical site.

Блок плазменных головок и система питания охлаждаются дистиллированной водой. Водоохлаждающая машина замкнутого типа имеет хладопроизводительность 6 кВт.

Plasma heads unit and the power system are cooled with distilled water. Closed cycle water-cooling machine has a cooling capacity of 6 kW.

Technical pecifications

Plasma heads amount


Streams angle, degree

60 ÷ 100

Current adjustment range, A

40 ÷ 100

Arc current stabilization inaccuracy, not exceeding, %


Potential difference at the arc, not exceeding, V


Argon consumption, liters per minute

Output power, not exceeding, kW


Type of control


Power supply, V


Dimensions, mm:

-  plasma heads unit w/protective case

-  power system

-  sample entry system

-  gas management system






Weight, kg:

-  plasma heads unit w/protective case

-  power system

-  sample entry system

-  gas management system