Atomic emission spectrometry equipment
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«Vesuviy-3» universal generator


Generators and stands are designed to excite the atomic spectra of samples for qualitative and quantitative atomic-emission spectral analysis of various materials. They are a universal devices that are a part of atomic emission spectral systems along with generators of arc and/or spark discharge.

"Vesuviy-3" universal generator is designed to produce an electric arc or a combination discharge in atomic-emission spectral analysis instru,emys and provides a powder samples composition impurity detection from the crater of graphite electrodes and direct analysis of metals and alloys.

Generator provides an arc's current stability with changes in the electrode gap and high efficiency, although the dimensions are small. Power factor corrector allows the generator to be used with a large supply voltage range (150 - 250), this ensures the reproducibility of test results under normal factory conditions around the clock.

During the time of just a single exposure generator allows to change the discharge parameters - value and polarity of the current as well as its impulse and pause durations.

Generator provides additional features:

  • sound and light indication of short-circuited electrodes helps to set up of the analytical values of the gap;
  • generator units temperature control will prevent the failures due to less cooling, etc;
  • measurement of the arc voltage during the exposure gives additional information for developers of new methods of analysis.

Mode name and the current value of the arc's current is displayed on the front panel of the generator and "Atom" window. Pre-recording of generator modes in the internal non-volatile memory allows you to work with the device in offline mode with local or remote control.

Technical specifications

Arc current range, A

2 ÷ 25

Arc current stability, %


Arc impulse length, ms

0,5 ÷ 1000

Pause length, ms

2 ÷ 1000

Combination discharge values:

- capacitor voltage, V

-  capaitor value, µF

-  inductance, µH

-  resistance, Ω

-  current impulse frequency, Hz


300 ÷ 1000




0 ÷ 400

Power consumption, W


Efficiency factor, %, not less


Type of control

remote, manual, computer

Power supply

monophase, 150 ÷ 250 V, 50 Hz

Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg