Atomic emission spectrometry equipment
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«Kristall» universal sample stand


Generators and stands are designed to excite the atomic spectra of samples for qualitative and quantitative atomic-emission spectral analysis of various materials. They are a universal devices that are a part of atomic emission spectral systems along with generators of arc and/or spark discharge.

"Kristall" sample stand doors are located on both sides, making it easier maintenance access to the electrode holders and water cooling hoses.

Built-in LED lights along the electrodes optical axis allows for visual inspection of the position of the electrodes relatively to the spectrometer slit.

Automatic set up of electrode gap is possible at 2, 1 and 0,1 mm values.

Technical specifications

Arc maximum current, not exceeding, A


Arc maximum current for continous operation mode, not exceeding, A


Powe consumption, not exceeding, W


Autovatic set up of electrode gap, mm

2; 1; 0,1

Powe supply (from generator), V


Dimensions, mm:

-  stand

-  operating chamber of stand










Sample stand kit includes three interchangeable lower electrode holders for mounting different kinds of samples:
- cylindrical metall samples (6-60 mm diameter) and a random shaped up to 2 kg;
- metal and graphite rods (20-150 mm length, 2-12 mm diameter);
- large wide metal chips and thin sheet metal material.

It is possible to install and use any of УШТ-4 lower electrodes holder.
Electrodes holders and stand itself are water-cooled by a closed cycle cooling unit.